Marxist theorist and revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg was born on this day in 1871

Published on March 5, 2024, by Il Grido del Popolo©️

Rosa Luxemburg was born in 1871, in Zamosc (a part of Polish territory under Russian occupation). She went to university in Zurich, moving from the study of philosophy and natural sciences to eco nomics. Her PhD dissertation, presented there in 1897, was on the industrial development of the Kingdom of Poland (Die industrielle Entwicklung Polens). A year later she moved to Germany for good, in order to be active in a leading European socialist party. Her name became widely known not only in Germany, but also within The Socialist International, due to her polemical essays against the ‘revisionism’ and ‘reformism’ of Eduard Bernstein, in which she defended revolutionary Marxism (they were published in a book Sozialreform oder Revolution, 1900). Since then these two names have long symbolised the two opposing wings of the socialist movement not only in Germany, but in the whole of continental Europe. Luxemburg was murdered in Berlin during the German revolution in 1919 (excerpt from the book Accumulation of Capital).

“Force is the only solution open to capital; the accumulation of capital, seen as an historical process, employs force as a permanent weapon, not only at its genesis, but further on down to the present day.”

– Rosa Luxemburg, The Accumulation of Capital