KKE: The Red flag will not whitewash capitalist Russia

Posted on April 24, 2022 by Il Grido del Popolo©


The 9thof May is approaching and the Russian bourgeoisie once again utilizes the red flag to take advantage of the anti-fascist and pro-Soviet sentiments of the Russian people. In areas occupied by the Russian army in Ukraine, the red flag of Victory is raised, i.e. the flag of the unit of the Red Army that occupied the Reichstag in May 1945. The CP of the Russian Federation (CPRF) went one step further. It introduced a bill to replace the current tricolour of Russia, the flag of the tsars and the traitor Vlasov, a Nazi collaborator in the Second World War, with the red flag.

We wonder, in the unlikely event that this bill is passed, will factories, coal mines, banks, and oilfields stop belonging to those leeches who live in palaces, tourist resorts, and yachts?
Will the Russian people stop paying for health, education, and the other social needs that are commodities?

Will capitalist Russia stop having the fifth-highest number of billionaires worldwide? Will it change the position it occupies, which is one of the worst in the world, in terms of inequality between the rich and the poor?

Will the means of production become the people’s property without a preceding social socialist revolution?

Will the war in Ukraine stop being imperialist;will it stop being waged for the interests of monopolies,over raw materials, geopolitical pillars, and market shares? Will it stop being unfair and criminal on both sides?

We could continue the rhetorical questions, to which the answer is NO.

That is why this proposal of the CPRF is just an “absolution certificate” for the Russian bourgeoisie, for the crimes it commits every day against the workers and the other popular strata. Thanks to this “absolution certificate”, this notion is currently disseminated once a year, on 9 May. With the CPRF bill, if adopted, it will be disseminated 365 days a year.

Thirty years after the overthrow of socialism and despite th emud-slinging against itin Russia as well, its imprint does not fade. That is why an attempt is being made to arrogate it…




Published in “RIZOSPASTIS” – Organ of the Central Committee of the KKE on 23/4/2022.